Harga Bekas dan Kredit Honda Sonic 150R

Honda Sonic 150 newest products are manufactured and designed in Indonesia are now available in the market . The emergence of All- New Honda Sonic 150R make young people interested to have . The presence of motor cocks the more complete the two-wheeler market competition in the homeland , especially light sport segment .

New Sonic 150 Honda is an attempt to provide a motorcycle that best suits the needs of young people, both to support driving pleasure and self-actualization in the work to realize the dream. New Honda Sonic 150R has 4 colors Active White, Spartan Black, Harga Honda Sonic 150R Energetic Red, dan Neo Magenta

As we see from the look certainly will haunt your mind that is about suzuki fu warrior , because it ‘s arguably harga motor terbaru look a bit similar to fu warrior , then what specs it offered ? Sonic brings Honda 150R 4 stroke engine specifications dengn HOHC 4 valve technology and berkapitas 150cc .

The presence of the All – New Honda Sonic in later will accompany the presence of Suzuki Satria FU150 which has been the only choice consumers in the market rooster . This will certainly make the Suzuki had to come back if you do not want the market to innovate dierbut by Honda significantly.

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